Pro Football HOF Parade 2011

Some Wheelmen stayed in the Westbrook Park Methodist Church overnight Friday. Here they are prepared to ride to the parade staging area early Saturday morning at 6:00 am.

Awright! Another parade! Bill seems happy to be here!

Alison explains some of the features of her restored Expert Columbia to a contingent of Boy Scouts who formed up near the Wheelmen. The fire engine in the background served at the World Trade Centers on 9/11. It is now owned by a private individual.

Hurry up and wait! We arrived at the staging area at the appointed time, but had to wait nearly two hours to start.

Jim took the waiting time to demonstate riding to other parade participants.

The seventeen Wheelmen lined for a photo-op just before the parade stepped off.

Before the parade, our parade coordinator posed with some of the Wheelmen.

Wheelmen are patient!

Wide streets, the huge crowds, and a variety of Wheelmen machines are seen here.

A four-person brace forming up during the parade.

The parade also featured a conference bicycle.