Minster 2010 Oktoberfest Parade

The Minster Oktoberfest is held in Minster, Ohio every year. The Wheelmen have been represented over 11 years.

The Wheelmen participation in the Minster Oktoberfest parade is sponsored every year by Mel's Decorating. After the parade, most of the Wheelmen pose with Bill and Vera of Mel's Decorating.

Bill and Vera provide a banquet of food and drink for friends and the Wheelmen.

Before the parade, the Wheelmen assembled near spot #13 for the traditional photo. Jackets are in evidence due to the brisk breeze and chilly temperatures that day.

Lined up in spot #13 with the young folks from Mel's Decorating with the banner, the Wheelmen are ready to ride!

Carl displays fine riding form with his Star bicycle for the chilly crowds along the parade route.

Four Wheelmen roll down the street to the delight of the chilly crowd.

The Wheelmen are circling along the street during the parade.

Unfortunately, the parade needs to come to an end. Here are most of the Wheelmen returning to the parking lot, while passing parade units that have not started yet.

Alisa finishing up the parade with a grin (and a warm sweatshirt).

Laura is happy to be done on a rather chilly and windy day.

Some of the many people enjoying the hospitality of Mel's Decorating during the parade. The Wheelmen had spot #13 so were done fairly early and were able to enjoy the parade the parade from Mel's.

How do you pack two high wheel bicycles into a Dodge Caravan? Mick and Doug show how it's done. Amazing!