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Route assistance for Wheelmen intending to
Ride to the 2018 Meet

This material is incomplete and will be supplemented as more is developed for other riders.

Riding from SE Michigan to Oberlin

Overall view of the route from northern Toledo to Oberlin. This route is in segments, so if you are coming from another location, jump in wherever convenient.
Google Map

Entering Toledo via Lewis Road.

Negotiating several streets to the Maumee River. A detour was used when this trace was created in 2014.

Getting through downtown Toledo and avoiding the High Level Bridge. Cherry Street bridge and Craig Bridge are level crossings.

Going from Toledo to Elmore is a straight shot down OH-51. Sometimes busy with traffic, there are rural roads that would make the journey a little longer.

Elmore is the western end of the paved North Coast Inland Trail.

Elmore is home to the Elmore Inn, a bike shop, antique shops, and an Elmore bicycle in the public library.

Fremont is astride the North Coast Inland Trail and the trail uses city streets to get through town. The formal route is marked with signs. The west-side trail head has a porta-potty, picnic shelter, tool stand, and water fountain. Fremont also has a bike shop on east side of the river on E. State St. (US-20BR).

The North Coast Inland Trail continues from Fremont through Clyde to the western side of Bellevue. Paving is currently (winter 2017) progressing into Bellevue, but as wide bikepath / sidewalk. Between the westside of Bellevue through Norwalk to west of Kipton, the North Coast Inland Trail is primarily crushed gravel or rural roads. A recommended route from the paved trail end (near the Bellevue Hospital) to Oberlin is shown in next map.

The recommended route from the Bellevue Hospital (see above map) to Oberlin is shown at a high level in this map. More detail will be shown later. This route avoids the traffic along OH-113 and some significant hills crossing the Huron and Vermilion Rivers.
This route is also on where it may be downloaded to a GPS device.

Riding from the NORTHEAST, such as Erie, PA (and beyond)

Overall view of a route from Erie, Pennsylvania to Oberlin. 30-EriePA-Oberlin.jpg
The route from Euclid west to Oberlin is a route that has been ridden. I am not familiar with the segment between Erie, PA and the eastern-suburbs of Cleveland.
Google Map
The route through Cleveland bordering along the lake provides scenery and an amazing low-level of traffic. In the immediate area of downtown Cleveland, the route is away from downtown city traffic except for a mile or two.

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