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Workshop Topics at 51st Wheelmen Annual Meet

Cheater Wheels

Full description yet to come.

Wheelmen-era Fashion

Full description yet to come.

Leather Saddle Work

Full description yet to come.

Bicycle Steins and the Cycling Scene in Germany and America during the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

Many Wheelmen have bicycle steins in their collections, but few are able to decipher the information on their steins let alone place them in the context of the German and American cycling scene of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. This program by veteran Ohio Wheelmen, Lou Schultz, will explain the importance of bicycle steins in the club life of the period and the significance of the scenes and symbols that appear on these steins. Wheelmen are welcome to bring a stein from their collection to the program, for Lou to attempt a translation.

Tire Mounting

Full description yet to come.

Historic Rims & Tires

Full description yet to come.

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