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Workshop Topics at 51st Wheelmen Annual Meet

Airing Up Your Tires Without Deflating Your Wallet
Bill Smith

Does getting a flat on a $150 tire scare you? Would you like to get your whole family up and riding without investing $1000 in tires? When was the last time you walked into Walmart and bought a tire and tube for your 1895 Columbia Safety?
Come to this workshop to learn how to roll on a budget. Bill will present tips and tricks and show many examples of rims, tires, tubes, and everything you'll need to get moving.

Wheelmen-era Fashion Tips and Tricks
Rosie Skocdopole and Cathy Smith

What year was your bicycle built? Have you wondered what styles were in fashion when your bicycle was new?
We will be presenting a two-part workshop on costuming tips for Wheelmen. Cathy will begin with an overview of how corset and dress styles changed during the bicycle craze. Bring the year of your favorite bicycle with you! Rosie will share her ideas on taking ordinary clothing finds and modifying them to make them more authentic looking.
SheÍll be bringing in some extra hats and trimmings, so the workshop will close out with a chance to walk away with a handmade hat. If you have extra materials youÍd like to share, feel free to bring them in!

Leather Saddle Work

Regretfully this workshop has been cancelled due to unavailability of presenter.

Bicycle Steins and the Cycling Scene in Germany and America during the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century
Lou Schultz

Many Wheelmen have bicycle steins in their collections, but few are able to decipher the information on their steins let alone place them in the context of the German and American cycling scene of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. This program by veteran Ohio Wheelmen, Lou Schultz, will explain the importance of bicycle steins in the club life of the period and the significance of the scenes and symbols that appear on these steins. Wheelmen are welcome to bring a stein from their collection to the program, for Lou to attempt a translation.

Tire Mounting
Craig Allen

The full process of installing a tire on the front wheel of an ordinary will be demonstrated. This will be conducted in the athletic area parking lot.

Historic Rims & Tires
Paul Rubenson

This workshop covers the history of pneumatic bicycle rims and tires. Not all early safety bicycles had wood rims, and not all wood rims used single-tube tires. This workshop lays out the evolution of rims and tires, and addresses points of confusion between single-tube and double-tube tires, between clincher and wired-on tires, between original wood, steel, steel-clad, and metal-insert rims, and between different national markets and sizing standards.

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