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Selected Photos from the
Ohio Wheelmen Memorabilia Meet
on March 20, 2010

The Ohio Wheelmen sponsored a Memorabilia Meet at the Bicycle Museum of America in quaint New Bremen, Ohio.

We had a wide range of collections including cyclometers, lanterns, sheet music, badges, ribbons, drinking cups, 3-D photographs, a bike that was ridden around the world in 1891-93, and more. Ray was busy outside re-tiring a number of wheels for Wheelmen. He had so many requests, he had to take some wheels home with him to finish later. All-in-all, we had over 60 Wheelmen and friend participants that day in addition to a dozen or so members of the public going through the museum.

We had 18 tables full of memorabilia brought by 17 Wheelmen. Shown here are a few photographs from the meet showing the nature of some of the exhibits. More photos are available courtesy of other Wheelmen in attendance.

Participants also toured the museum. The museum has a vast collection of bikes, both new and old and everything in-between.

An interactive map is available to guide you there with driving directions if you wish.

Richard DeLombard
Ohio Wheelmen Captain

No, not a movie theatre from the 50's. This was most of the audience during Lorne Shield's presentation of 3-D bicycle-oriented photography. This shows about 43 of the 61 meet participants.

Some bicycle licenses from some Ohio towns.

An assortment of whistles, locks, lanterns, and tools in one display area.

Some of the transportation-oriented pins and buttons in a collection. (photo by Bill Smith)

Detail of some of the transportation-oriented pins and buttons in a collection. (photo by Bill Smith)

A good assortment of meet ribbons.

Cyclometer collection, many with original boxes.

A very unusual and rare lantern powered by a wheel-driven generator.

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