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The Wheelmen State Uniform for Ohio

This description is the current definition of the standard uniform for Ohio Wheelmen.

The Wheelmen information for uniforms is given here: The Bicycle Uniform from Head to Foot.

Ladies to dress in period of their cycle.

Item Material Color Style Additional
Jacket Corduroy / woven Dark Brown Norfolk Wheelmen buttons
Sweater   Dark Brown   Cardigan or turtleneck under shirt
Knickers Curduroy / woven Dark Brown   3 Wheelmen buttons on each side of leg
Shirt Cotton White Long sleeve Wear official name tag
Tie   Red   Suspenders may be worn - brown or red
Hat   Dark brown Greek fisherman With club pin in center and Wheelmen button on each side
Socks Cotton / wool Brown Above knee
Shoes Leather Brown or black Plain toe, low cut  

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